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I’m a child of the Twilight era. I loved Twilight, but I was like twelve at the time. Now that I’m older I want to read about the origination of vampires. I want a good classic vampire story. So, I’m trying to make my way through a few of the most popular ones. Let’s get reading.


When I first started this journey Dracula was what came to mind. But Carmilla actually predates Dracula by twenty-six years. So, I figured Carmilla would be the place to start. It follows Laura and her mysterious visitor in an isolated castle in Austria. I’ve already finished this one and I really enjoyed it. You can check out my review here.


Next, we have Dracula. Dracula is the quintessential vampire story. I had to put it on this list. It follows the dairy and letters of several characters that have had a run in with Count Dracula. It starts when Jonathan Harker goes to Dracula’s castle on business. Then strange things start happening at Whitby after a mysterious ship crash on the shore. I finished Dracula a few days ago and I’m obsessed. I’ll have my review up on Thursday.

Anno Dracula

classic vampire stories

I don’t know a lot about Anno Dracula. I just know that when I was searching for vampire stories this one was recommended a lot. And I actually had it in my collection with no memory of buying it. So apparently, it’s meant for me to read it. From what I understand from the synopsis it’s an alternate history that follows what would have happened if Jonathan Harker and the gang hadn’t stopped Dracula. And now Dracula has married Queen Victoria. I have to say this one really intrigues me.


classic vampire stories

Lastly, we have Fledgling by Octavia Butler. From what I’ve read of the synopsis I think this has more of a sci-fi element to it. It says that a young anemic girl is startled to find out that she is a genetically modified vampire that’s actually fifty-three years old. I’m new to Octavia Butler’s work and relatively new to sci-fi but this sounds really exciting to me.

So those are a few classic vampire stories that I’ve seen recommended everywhere. Have you read any of these? And if you have any vampire recommendations drop them in the comments.

And I made a cute Classic Vampire Stories print-out for my reading journal this month. If you want a copy to add to your reading journal it’s down below.

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