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I’m so excited to be participating in this blog tour. It’s perfect for this time of year. Let’s get into my review.


While passing through her hometown a decade after she left, Amber Blake impulsively revisits her old house on Linden Way. She only means to stay a moment, to show her three-year-old daughter Bee the place where she grew up. But when the kindly new owners invite them inside, Amber cannot resist.

Soon Bee is missing, the owners have disappeared, and Amber finds herself in a houseful of ghosts. Time takes on new meaning as she loses herself in living memories and a past that does not wish to be forgotten.

As Amber fights the powerful lure of a childhood she’d long left behind, her tenuous hold on the real world slips further from her grasp. Is it merely nostalgia she’s battling, or something far more menacing? Who haunts the house on Linden Way, and where are they hiding her child?

My Thoughts on The House on Linden Way

I really enjoyed The House on Linden Way. It was a unique ghost story that took off from the very beginning. It plunges you into action and it doesn’t stop until the end. It’s full of twist and turns that kept me intrigued. I couldn’t put it down.

While The House on Linden Way was creepy it was also reflective. Amber was haunted by the ghosts of her childhood and it gave her time to look back on the past and fully process the trauma she experienced. I wasn’t necessarily expecting that from a ghost story, but I enjoyed it. It was a unique take on the haunted house premise.


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