Halloween Weekend Chat

Happy Friday! And it’s not just any Friday it’s the Friday before Halloween. I know Halloween is on Monday, but I’m celebrating all weekend. What about you?

I’m hoping to spend some time reading this weekend. I really want to find a book that gives me chills and I’m hoping Devil House will give me what I’m looking for. Seriously, most of the spooky books I’ve picked up have been duds. Looking at you The House of the Seven Gables. I don’t want to get into my rant because I’m going to save that for my wrap up. But seriously, it wasn’t spooky at all, and then I found out it was technically a romance, but it didn’t have much of that either.

Since I haven’t found a spooky book that sticks, I’ve been consuming spooky media in other forms. Specifically, I’ve been loving spooky podcasts. Morbid, Haunted American History, and Hometown Ghost Stories are my three favorites. But if you have any recommendations drop them in the comments.

Tonight, I think I’m going to head home, make a chai latte, and watch all of the cheesy Halloween movies. I think that’s the best way to kick off this weekend. I hope ya’ll have a fun filled Halloween weekend.

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