I’ve Been Trying to Prevent a Reading Slump

I can feel a reading slump looming. October wasn’t a great reading month for me. I dnfed several books and most of the ones I finished disappointed me. So, I’ve been jumping around from book to book for the last couple of weeks. Since nothing was sticking, I decided to take a couple of days to do anything besides read. Here’s how I’ve been trying to prevent a reading slump.


I enjoy painting, watercoloring, and crafting, but sometimes I just like to color. I can just tune out the world and create something pretty without too much work. And if I feel like it, I’ll usually listen to an audiobook or podcast while I’m coloring.

TV Shows

I finally signed up for Hulu which has limited my productivity in all aspects of my life, haha. But seriously, when I don’t feel like reading, I enjoy watching tv. I still get to experience a story just in a different form. Since, I’ve caught up on Grey’s Anatomy, I’ve been obsessed with Station 19. Honestly, I think I like it even more than Grey’s.


Even though I’ve been jumping around in physical books I’ve still been enjoying audiobooks. I listen to them on my way to work, when I’m cooking supper, and anytime I have some downtime. I’ve really been enjoying non-fiction, specifically true crime. It’s easy to get pulled into an audiobook.

Returning to a Favorite Series

Lastly, once I felt like reading again, I decided to return to a series I love. Words of Radiance was an overwhelming place to start, but once I got back in it it felt like coming home. And I’m taking my time with it so I can truly enjoy the story.

So that’s how I’ve been trying to prevent a reading slump. What do you do when you feel a slump coming on?

4 thoughts on “I’ve Been Trying to Prevent a Reading Slump

  1. I usually get into slumps when I read too much of a genre. In October, I read a ton of horror and it gave me really bad burnout. Now, I’m jumping genres and it usually seems to help.

  2. AHHH YAYY TO BEATING THE SLUMP UP SO BAD AM ETERNALLY PROUD OF YOU LIKE THAT <33 also all these tips ARE SO GOOD, will definitely make them my lifesavers next time there's a slump coming on!! LOVE THIS

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