November 2022 Reading Journal

Hi. It’s the middle of November. I’ve just finished my bullet journal. Canva is a life saver if you want to keep a bullet journal, but you’re short on time. Here’s my November 2022 reading journal.

November 2022 reading journal

I had to squeeze in one more fall theme spread before winter, so I went with all the autumnal colors. I also love the Hello November cover page. I used to use those types of phone wallpapers all the time in high school. It feels a little nostalgic to me.

I’m doing this spread like I have for the last few. I will include a cover page, tbr page, and review page. But for the wrap up page, I’m going to print out my completed digital reading journal and glue it in. I’ve really liked the way that comes together. My digital reading journal is always with me so it’s easier to keep track of. I think I’m going to find some combination between digital and physical journal next year. It just feels redundant to have both. But that’s a problem for another day. So that’s my thrown together at the last-minute November 2022 reading journal.

Don’t forget to check out a few of my favorite cookbooks to find the perfect Thanksgiving treat.

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  1. I’ve done a couple of things on canva but don’t feel that confident with it yet. It’s all about finding the time to try things out. I love your pages

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