The Book Club Tag

I came across The Book Club Tag over on Ali’s Books, and I thought it was so much fun. It’s been a while since I’ve done a tag so let’s get to it.

The Book Club Tag


  • Answer the tag (prompts below) on the platform of your choice (blog, booktube, twitter, anything goes!): If you’re part of a book club, yourself, you can answer with the books you’ve read with them — or you can freestyle it with whatever book fits the question! Or with a specific character from a book who matches the prompt. Really, however you want to do it!
  • Link to the original post, Book It With Becca, and give me a pingback or comment below, so I can see your answers.
  • Tag friends! They can be fellow book club members or simply bookish friends who make your day a little brighter.
  • The most important rule: Have fun!

The Fearless Reader- reads everything constantly, and probably started the book club, not realizing how much work it would be to keep everyone on-track talking about it

This sounds like Miss Honey from Matilda. She patiently tried to keep her class on-track even when there was chaos around her.

The Academic- tries to elevate the conversation and requests serious books but is always stymied by the rest of the group (generally doesn’t mind)

I’m trying not to only use Cosmere characters, but this is Jasnah. I can’t think of anyone who could fit this prompt more. She is a serious scholar, but I can imagine that she would be ok with discussing any book.

The Joyrider- never knows what book the club is reading but happily shouts encouragement and brings refreshments

I had a hard time with this one, but I finally settled on Richard Papen from The Secret History. So much of his story is just him tagging along with the other characters in the book. Even though the story was from his point of view, he wasn’t a very active member of the book. I could see him just showing up to be included.

The Agent of Chaos-just what it sounds like; enjoys stirring things up and dropping chaos bombs before disappearing in a cloud of smoke.

I could choose anyone other than Wayne from Mistborn Era 2. If there is a better agent of chaos than him, I would love to know about it. I never knew what he was planning and that was part of why I loved his character so much.

The Mom- is very concerned with the emotional and physical health of the rest of the group and of the characters in the books

Dana from Kindred would be the mom. She was so kind and motherly to so many people that didn’t deserve it. So, I imagine she would be naturally maternal toward her book club friends.

The Lovable Ghoul- mostly harmless but likes to stand in the corner muttering- we pretend it’s normal

I think Pattern from The Stormlight Archives would be the lovable ghoul. He follows Shallan everywhere but usually tries to stay out of sight. But his humming gives him away sometimes.

So that wraps up The Book Club Book Tag. If you want to play along, I tag you!

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