Ghost with Two Hearts

Ghost with Two Hearts

I’m so excited to participate in the blog tour for Ghost with Two Hearts. So, let’s get into my thoughts.


Approaching 30, Adrian, a talented software engineer, takes stock of his wealth and accolades – and how unhappy he is. He doesn’t make friends easily, dislikes social media, and was bloodied in a divorce. He finds no common purpose in a country defined by political vitriol, distrust, and inequality. Taking a leave of absence from his company, he travels to Japan with a samurai sword that his grandfather stole from a Japanese captain in World War Two. Adrian is determined to find its rightful heir. Doing the morally correct thing, he hopes, will make him feel better about his life.

My Thoughts on Ghost with Two Hearts

Ghost with Two Hearts was such a unique read. I’ve never read anything quite like it. It’s combines a ghost story and a love story all while being set in Kyoto, Japan. The author really did a great job of transporting the reader to Japan. The setting was rich and atmospheric. And honestly, it made me want to visit Kyoto.

The plot is quick, punchy, and to the point. There wasn’t a minute of wasted time or an unnecessary word in the story. And that is something I appreciate. I don’t mind a meandering plot, but sometimes it’s nice to just cut to the chase. Now don’t get me wrong, this is still a well-developed and nuanced story.

Overall, this was a fun read. I’d recommend this to anyone that likes ghost stories, romance, or historical fiction.


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