Spring Book Tag

I know it’s closer to summer than it is spring, but I meant to do this tag a while back. So, let’s do this spring book tag before we break out the summer reads.

I’m All Booked Up created this tag so be sure to head over and check theirs out.


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1. Look outside, there are flowers everywhere. Pick a book with a flower on the cover.

The cover of Conjure Women has always caught my attention. I love the flowers on the cover and the design as well.

2. Enjoying the warmer days? Pick a book that’s perfect to read outside on a nice day.

Weyward is perfect for reading outside. There is a lot of nature related imagery that would be enhanced by reading outside.

3. But it’s time for spring cleaning. Pick a book that you want to donate or a book you wouldn’t read again.

Hide. I wouldn’t waste my time with it. I really disliked that book. Like really, really disliked it. I can’t remember anything I liked about it.

4. Spring is about beginnings. Find a book with an adorable meet-cute.

I can’t think of a particular meet-cute. I haven’t been reading many books with romance in it lately. But I do like the way Shallan and Kaladin met in The Stormlight Archives. I know they’re not together, but one can dream.

5.The season is also perfect for outdoor sports. Do you have a favorite book featuring an outdoor sport?

In a book I just finished, Forget Me Not, one of the main characters is a youth league baseball player. Fun fact about me. Baseball is my favorite sport. Go Braves!

6. Spring is different for everyone. Which book makes you think of spring?

Matilda always makes me think of spring. I watched the movie for the first time over spring break years ago. Ever since then I have associated Matilda with spring. Plus, Miss Honey’s garden is full of spring flowers.

7.Eventually spring is going to turn into summer. Which book is a spring must-read for you?

Rhythm of War is a spring must read for me. I really want to finish it up before summer.

So that’s the Spring Book Tag. If you want to play along, I tag you.

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