Reading to a Healthier Me: September Check In

September health check in

It’s time to do my September health check in. It’s been a doozy. Let’s get to it.

My Goals

Eat Healthier. I have been eating healthier. I had a cheat weekend when we were camping, but I did end up losing five pounds. I’ve had a few bad days because Taco Bell has their rolled chicken tacos again and they’re my kryptonite. But I’m staying on track for the most part.

Walk More. My average steps taken per day for the month was 3,167. Not the biggest growth, but at least it didn’t go down. I’ve spent a lot of spare time at the doctor’s office this month so I didn’t get to walk quite as much as I would have liked.

Get Better Sleep. I have been sleeping better for the most part. I had a rough night last night but overall, it’s been good.

What I Read

I listened to several audiobooks during this check in period but Decluttering at the Speed of Life and Rising Strong stood out to me. I learned quite a lot from both of them.

So that’s my September health check in. Not a lot of progress but at least I haven’t lost progress.

BAM! Books-A-Million

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