A Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J Maas Review

A Court of Silver Flames

I’ll admit I was skeptical about reading from Nesta’s point of view, but I love Cassian. I also know that Sarah J Maas has never let me down. I was so excited to return to Velaris in A Court of Silver Flames. As always, Mass blew my expectations out of the water.

Nesta Archeron is abrasive. And since she was forced into the Cauldron, she is unbearable. She is struggling with her identity as High Fae. She can’t seem to find her place in this new world and she can’t cope with the trauma she experienced in the war with Hybern. Cassian, who annoys her most of all, has been tasked to train her. He is constantly hovering around her and he ignites more than just her temper. While Nesta and Cassian face their haunting pasts, the human queens are threatening the new found peace. Cassian and Nesta might just be the key to stopping them.

My Thoughts on A Court of Silver flames

Let me start by saying this isn’t a review. This is just me gushing about my new favorite Maas book. I have nothing critical or constructive to say. There’s nothing about A Court of Silver Flames that I would change.

It starts slow, but every paragraph is perfection. I’m amazed that Sarah J Maas made me love Nesta. Keep in mind that it wasn’t instant love. Nesta was horrible in the beginning. She hadn’t processed her trauma so she lashed out at everyone. I will say that seeing Rhys and Feyre from her perspective was interesting. Everyone else adores them. They can do know wrong, but Nesta is jaded. She doesn’t have a lot of good things to say about them in the beginning. However, her thoughts do grow throughout the book.

I love the fact that we followed Nesta’s mental health journey. This character development is stunning. Most of the story takes place in the secluded House of the Wind. It really gave Nesta the time she needed to decompress. I also never expected the House to become my favorite character, but here we are.

The relationships that Nesta begins to build are heartwarming. She finds her own little found family, and I adore that. I really like the relationship between her and Cassian as well. They make each other stronger, but they also stand on their own.

Overall, A Court of Silver Flames is impeccable. I adored every minute.

My Rating: 5/5


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