Book Besties That I Love

I’m reading The Mistborn Trilogy and I’m loving the friendships in it. They just make my heart happy. So I started thinking about all of the other friendships that I’ve loved throughout the years. Here’s a list of some of my favorite book besties.

I will say I’m not including any from Mistborn since I haven’t finished the series. You never know what could change. I started the fantasy genre reading George R. R. Martin so I always expect betrayal. Even though I hope that doesn’t happen in Mistborn.

Manon and the thirteen

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I couldn’t make this list without including Manon and the Thirteen, even though it hurts my heart. I loved this fierce bunch of women who secretly had great hearts. I loved this series, but I think the witches could have had a whole series to themselves. I would have totally loved that.

Spin and m-bot

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I didn’t know if M-bot would technically count since he is an AI spaceship, but since I’m making the list I decided he does. Plus, he has more character growth that some human characters in other books I’ve read. He’s snarky, but loyal. I just love the dynamic between him and Spin.

And if you don’t feel like M-bot would count, then my default answer is Spin and Rig. I also really enjoyed their friendship. Brandon Sanderson is great at writing friendships.

Nella and Eliza

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Nella and Eliza are more of a mentorship than a friendship. Nella meets Eliza and is a little skeptical of her at first, but then she comes to love her. I would have loved to see them have more time together, but the time that we did get was sweet.

Miss Peregrine’s Wards

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Part of the fun of this book is the friendships that Jacob Portman makes. He meets all sorts of interesting people, and they have such a cute found family. I loved them all. It was like visiting old friends with each new book.

The Inner Circle

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Sarah J Maas is also great at writing friendships, and I think the Inner Circle is some of her best work. More specifically the Bat Boys. I loved Rhysand, Cassian, and Azriel. They’re the foundation of the inner circle, and they are such great friends.

So those are a few of my favorite book besties. Tell me a few of yours in the comments.

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