Halloween Movie Night

It’s time for all the Halloween movies. I’ve never been a huge movie watcher, so I’ve missed out on a few of the classics. I’ve made it a mission to watch more movies and I’ve really been enjoying it.

My husband and I like to have movie night every now and again. Usually, it consists of watching movies in our pajamas in the living room. We cook hotdogs for supper and of course we have to have popcorn and movie candy. My personal favorite is cotton candy. It just goes so well with the popcorn. Here are a few of the movies we plan to watch at our Halloween movie night.

The Annabelle Trilogy

Annabelle Trilogy|Annabelle Wallis Halloween movie

I have watched a few of the Annabelle movies, but not actually in order. So obviously I feel like I’ve missed some stuff. I want to watch these in order this time. My husband loves these so I want to love them too.


The Addams Family Series

The Addams Family - Volume 1|John Astin Halloween movie

I love The Addams Family, especially the original series. I want to rewatch all of them this year. I’ve had such a fun time with them.


The Conjuring

I want to watch The Conjuring so bad, but it’s literally sold out everywhere around us. I’ve heard that this is such a great movie. I don’t know why I’ve never watched it.


So those are a few Halloween movies that I want to watch for movie night.

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  1. Ooooh! I hope you enjoyed these! I didn’t make a TBW list this year, but I did watch a few things on Halloween when I reorganized my library! 🙂 I watched The Autopsy of Jane Doe, Till Death, There’s Someone Inside Your House, and Blood Red Sky.

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