Halloween Book Tag

It’s time to do the Halloween Book Tag. I do this every year and it’s so funny how much my answers change. I don’t really know who started this tag, but if you do let me know in the comments.

#1 Favorite scary must-read for Halloween?

Ghost Beach (Classic Goosebumps #15), 15|R. L. Stine

Anything Goosebumps. I know they’re not actually scary, but it’s such a fun throw back to me. They embody the Halloween feeling to me.

#2 Scariest book cover?

It|Stephen King

I think this specific copy of IT is scary. I’m not even afraid of clowns, but I find this one unsettling. But I also think it’s beautiful at the same time.

#3 If you could go Trick-or-Treating with any author, who would you go with?

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Jay Kristoff, Author of Scifi & Fantasy

Jay Kristoff. I just find his sense of humor entertaining, so I think it would be a ton of fun. Plus, I have questions about Nevernight and Empire of the Vampire that I need answered.

#4 If you could dress up as any bookish character for Halloween, who would you be?

From the new cover created by Dan Dos Santos for <em>The Fires of Heaven</em>, book 5 of <em>Wheel of Time</em>.
The Wheel of Time series is one step closer to your television | Ars Technica

Moraine from The Wheel of Time series. I was enamored by the way that Robert Jordan described her outfit and composure.

#5 If you could find anything (from any book) in your trick-or-treat stash, what would you hope it would be?


Mr. Kindly from Nevernight. Who wouldn’t want a semi-threatening, sarcastic cat made of shadows?

#6 In what fictional world would you like to go trick-or-treating?

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory|Roald Dahl

Why Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, of course. But I would stay away from all of the sketchy things.

#7 What book villain would you like to not meet in a dark alley on Halloween?

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I don’t want to meet any villain in a dark alley ever. But a Mydrraal from the Wheel of Time series came to mind first,

#8 What would you rather dress up as: a vampire, zombie, werwolf or Shadowhunter?

Vampire for sure! Jay Kristoff has reignited my love of vampires.

#9 Pick a candy from Harry Potter that you would love to find in your stash!

I think a chocolate frog is the only right answer to this question, lol.

#10 What is your favorite Halloween candy?

Reese’s or Payday. I love a salty/sweet combo.

So that’s the Halloween Book Tag. If you want to play along I tag you!

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