The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Review

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

I included The Legend of Sleepy Hollow in my Halloween Classics post, but I’ve never actually read it. So I decided it was time to change that. It was shorter than I realized so my review won’t be long. But let’s get to it.

Ichabod Crane came to teach in Tarry Town. The locals loved to tell him ghost stories that haunt him on his way through the woods. Late one night, the legends come to life.

My thoughts on The Legend of sleepy Hollow

Let me start by saying The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is atmospheric and spooky. The writing is lyrical and haunting. I was shocked to find out that Ichabod Crane is not a likable character. I always felt sympathetic for him because he was the victim. But not anymore.

But let me warn you, it doesn’t get scary until the end. Like literally that was the only climax in the story. It really talks more about Ichabod’s appetite in the first half of the story than the ghosts. But I understand why it’s a classic. It gave me the creeps.

My Rating: 4/5

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