The Death of Jane Lawrence Review

I’m so frustrated by The Death of Jane Lawrence. The beginning was great but by the end I was just reading to finish it. So let’s dive in and talk about it.

Practical Jane Shoringfield has decided that she needs a husband. But she needs a husband that will let her remain independent and occupied by her work. Her first choice is Augustine Lawrence. He agrees but he says she must never visit his home, Lindridge Hall. However, an accident on the day of their wedding leaves Jane stranded at the home despite her husband’s wishes. But when night falls Jane discovers that there is something wrong with Lindridge Hall.

My Thoughts on The Death of JAne Lawrence

This starts out slow. But the gothic atmosphere really starts to build up. I was so excited in the beginning. Once it started to get scary I was hooked because it was actually scary. That’s hard to find sometimes.

But halfway in I lost interest. It became clear that this wasn’t going to be the paranormal story I had hoped for. Suddenly, the plot was forced into this world of dark magic that felt disjointed and strange. It felt like a fever dream.

And once I lost interest, I started noticing all of these ridiculous plot holes. One of the plot holes is the basis of the entire book. There were pages dedicated to the reasons why Jane couldn’t stay at Lindridge Hall, but then at the slightest inconvenience that changed.

Then later on in the book Augustine’s long time physician’s assistant decided that Jane, who had no medical training what-so-ever, was more qualified to treat Scarlet Fever than him. And that was used to advance the story! It drove me nuts! It made no sense.

I was so disappointed that The Death of Jane Lawrence didn’t work. I had such high hopes for it.

My Rating: 2/5

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