Reading Chat: Getting Back On Track

Last week was my birthday week, and I wish I could tell you I disappeared because we took an amazing vacation. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened. I ended up with Covid. Literally, I have made it through the entire pandemic only to catch Covid on the week of my 25th birthday. Yay.

So when I found out I had Covid I thought I’d have plenty of reading time. No. Not at all. Half of the time I didn’t even feel like holding a book. The other half of the time I was jumping from book to book trying to figure out what I wanted to read next.

I started out reading The Great Hunt. I made it fifty pages in and decided to put it down. I just wanted to read it at a better time. So then I decided to start The Fifth Season by N.K. Jemison, and I decided it was too much for my Covid fogged brain.

Then I decided to pick up A History of Wild Places. This started out really well, but I ended up not loving it. I’ll be doing a review next week so be sure to stick around to hear my thoughts.

After I finished A History of Wild Places, I tried to pick up Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norell, but that one didn’t work either. But this week I’m getting back on track with my reading goals, so I’ve circled back around to The Great Hunt. So, let’s recap. I started four different books, and finished one, just to go back to the book I was reading to start with. If that doesn’t tell you how my January is going, I don’t know what will.

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