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The Secret History was supposed to be my last read of 2021, but I snuck this one in right before midnight on New Year’s Eve. My husband gave me Slewfoot for Christmas and I couldn’t put it down, so let’s review it.

Connecticutt 1666. A spirit awakens that is known by many names. The Wildfolk call him slayer, protector, and father. The colonists think he is the devil. But Abitha calls him friend. As rumors start to fly, Abitha’s safety is threatened. Igniting a battle between Puritan and spirit that leaves ruin in its wake.

My Thoughts on Slewfoot

I’m obsessed with Slewfoot. I love folklore and this gave me everything I asked from it. Even before Samson was introduced, I was hooked. I loved Creek, Sky, and Forest. They were mischievous, sometimes devious, creatures that just wanted to protect their forest and magic.

Samson on the other hand was a bit more confusing, which I think was the author’s purpose. He couldn’t remember who he was, or his purpose on Earth, so we got to discover that with him. He’s the perfect example of a morally grey character. He is good at times and bad at times, but I grew to love him.

Next, we have our main character, Abitha. She was such a defined character. I understood her thoughts and motives perfectly. I loved her wit and determination. But life kept knocking her down, and that’s all I’ll say about that. I don’t want to spoil anything.

Slewfoot was such a good time. If you love folk horror this one is for you. And I forgot to mention, but there are gorgeous paintings throughout the book that really brought the characters to life. It’s a piece of art.

My Rating: 5/5

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