April 2022 Reading Journal: Here Comes the Sun

Let’s talk about real life right now. It’s time to do my reading journal spread, but I can’t find the time or inspiration to do it. I was stressing myself out about it and then I realized I was taking it too seriously. Personally, I started my bullet journal to practice new techniques and keep myself creative. But that doesn’t mean that I’ll have an awesome idea every month. I loved my March theme, but this month I just wasn’t feeling it. So, I did an easy theme. It’s not my best work and as of right now it’s not even finished. But it serves its purpose and I’m happy that I kept at it even if I didn’t feel like it. It will be worth it to see my progress in the future. Here’s my April 2022 reading journal.

Cover Page/TBR

My theme this month is simple. It’s spring. I want sunshine and warm days. That’s not what we’re getting right now, but a girl can hope. I used yellow and orange because they’re such happy colors. It took me about five minutes to do the cover page, but hey it’s done.

As per usual, the next page is my tbr page. The Way of Kings is the only thing on my tbr and I’ve been saving this Shallan sticker for this very moment.


My Review and Bought page are exactly the same as my tbr page. I just needed a place to keep track of my information. Usually, when I have a lot of blank space in a spread I’ll go back and fill it in with quotes from the month.

And this is where I would normally show you my Books Read/Wrap Up page, but I haven’t done them yet. They’ll look exactly the same as the rest of the spread.

That wraps up my April 2022 reading journal. It’s not perfect, but this is real life. Sometimes you just do what you can and call it good. I’m very much a believer in always doing your best, but sometimes your best one day is different than your best the next day.

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