The Way of Kings Reading Update

The Way of Kings reading update

Reading The Way of Kings has been a journey. It didn’t help that I started reading this while I was studying to take my insurance license test. Since I passed that Wednesday, I can jump back in and focus on this journey. And since The Way of Kings is so big, I wanted to take a minute and document my thought halfway through. So, here’s my The Way of Kings reading update.

So as of today, I’m on page 512 which is just a little over halfway finished. I’m really loving Shallan and Kaladin’s points of view, but I’m having a harder time getting into Dalinar and Adolin’s points of view. I’m coming around to them it’s just taking me longer to connect to their characters. The mythology aspects that Sanderson is bringing in is really starting to interest me. It took a while to figure out where the plot’s going, but I think it’s definitely going to be worth the time it takes to develop it. Overall, I’m intrigued. I hope to finish it before the end of April. I don’t know if I will, but that’s the goal.

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