Bookish Lifestyle Favorites

I have been loving all of the bookish merch that I’ve been noticing lately. I feel like companies are really upping their game. So today I wanted to share a few of my bookish lifestyle favorites of the moment.

Commodity Book Fragrance

Commodity Fragrance kindly sent me their Book fragrance, and I adore it. They sent me their Scent Space Kit to try. It includes three different versions of the Book fragrance. They offer three scent space options: personal, expressive, and bold. I love the flexibility that it gives because sometimes I want my fragrance to be a little lighter. But then sometimes I like a stronger fragrance. And let me tell you this fragrance is awesome. It’s warm, cozy, and slightly smokey. It is the embodiment of dark academia.

Yim Creations Library Candle

I’m all about fragrance, and this Library candle is perfect. It has the same vibe as the Commodity Book fragrance, but it’s a little lighter and not as smokey. This candle absolutely brings me back to going to the library as a kid. It makes me so happy. Plus, all of his other candles are great too. Be sure to check out Oak Moss and Amber also.

AlphaCases IPad Case

I adore this vintage book iPad case that I found on Etsy. It is absolutely adorable, and it has a place to store my Apple Pencil, which is a plus. I will say the case feels a little flimsy, but it still does everything I want, and it’s cute while doing it.

Litjoy Starkbucks Mug

Lastly, we have one of my favorite coffee cups. Song of Ice and Fire is absolutely one of my favorite series, and so I had to have Starkbucks cup. I’m still House Stark 100%.

So those are a few of my bookish lifestyle favorites. Thanks for reading. I hope you have an awesome Monday.

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