Non-Bookish Media Favorites

This is a book blog, so I mostly talk about books. Now that I’ve explained the obvious to you, we can get back on topic. Every now and again I like to talk about some non-bookish media favorites. Despite what this blog shows I do enjoy other things. ……..Sometimes………….. Who am I kidding? My life really does revolve around books. Just ask my husband……….. But either way, let’s get to it.


I have been obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy. I’m definitely late to the game. I’m only on season eleven, but it’s so, so good. Seriously, this show breaks my heart on a daily basis and yet I can’t stop watching it.


I love to listen to AJR, especially when I’m working around the house. Their music is so different from what I normally listen to, but I think that’s what makes it fun. I can put it on when I’m in a bad mood and something about it just makes me feel a little more energized. Sober Up and Bang are two of my favorite songs right now. I could listen to them on repeat.


I have watched Taylor Wynn for years and I still love her. She started out as mostly a make-up channel, but she has started posting more travel and lifestyle stuff in the past few years. Right now, she is living a nomad lifestyle by bouncing around from different cities. I love her content and it makes me want to travel.

So those are a few on my non-bookish media favorites. I would include movies, but I haven’t watched any that stood out recently. So, tell me a few of yours in the comments.

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