My Favorite Fantasy Characters

My reading taste has really evolved over the years. I used to be a fan of a fast paced, well-defined plot. Now, I’ve been enjoying more character driven stories, so I love it when I really connect with a character. Which is why I wanted to take a second and share a few of my favorite fantasy characters. These are a few that have stood out to me. Let’s get to it.


I adore Kvothe. Butttt he can be annoying at times. I love him, but then he makes me want to pull my hair out with some of the decisions that he makes. But that’s what makes him feel so real. The Name of the Wind is essentially a coming-of-age story, and most teenagers make questionable decisions at time.


Shallan really intrigues me as a character. Just when I think I have her figured out she changes up on me. I’ve only read The Way of Kings, so I can’t wait to see how her character evolves.

Mia Corvere

Mia Corvere is the ultimate gray character. Although, she does have a soft side. She is a trained assassin, but she will protect the people she cares about. Nevernight was interesting because it was told like a history of Mia’s life, but I still felt connected to her even though she wasn’t the narrator.


Lastly, we have Spensa from Skyward. She’s so quirky and fun. I’ve really enjoyed seeing her character develop and make friends.

So those are a few of my favorite fantasy characters. Tell me a few of yours in the comments. books, toys, tech, & more.

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