Fall Fantasy Reads

Fall is the perfect time to break out a good fantasy book and curl up on the couch. The days are getting shorter and there’s a chill in the air. So here are a few fall fantasy reads that should satisfy my fellow mood readers.

Empire of the Vampire


Empire of the Vampire is a chunky, intimidating book but it’s so worth the read. It’s set in a world where the vampires are taking over, and darkness has descended on the land. Like literal darkness. There’s no daylight. It’s dark, and moody, and slightly spooky. Our main character is a Silversaint that protects the realm from the unholy creatures. But now his order has fallen, and he is imprisoned by the creatures that he’s fought for years.

The Name of the Wind


If you’ve been around for a minute, I’m sure you’re tired of seeing this one, and I apologize. But, guys, seriously, The Name of the Wind would make an amazing fall read. It’s set in The Waystone Inn. Where the main characters sit down to a cozy fire, and a warm bowl of stew to tell the story of legendary Kvothe. Then when the story begins it tells of Kvothe’s time at University, so it has a dark academia vibe to it. This would be the perfect book to lose yourself in on the long fall nights.



V.E. Schwab is great at creating dark, ominous atmospheres, which is why Gallant is next on the list. It’s set in a slightly haunted family manor that is full of secrets. Olivia has lived in a boarding school ever since her mother went missing, but then her world changes when someone calls her away to Gallant. There’s obviously something spooky happening there and Olivia is more involved that she realizes. She also finds a journal that documents her mother’s descent into madness. And it turns out that Gallant might be the cause of it.

Ninth House


Lastly, we have Ninth House. The book that made me fall in love with dark academia. Alex Stern had hit rock bottom until an unbelievable opportunity came along. She is offered a free ride to Yale in exchange for her unusual talents. She becomes a reluctant member of a secret society that is involved in occult activities. And their intentions might be more sinister than they first appear. And now’s a perfect time to pick up Ninth House because the next book comes out next year.

So those are a few fall fantasy reads that you might want to add to your tbr. And I would love to hear a few of your fall favorites. So, drop them in the comments.

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