Dracula’s Chicken Hendl

On the first page of Dracula, Jonathan Harker mentions a chicken dish called “paprika hendl.” So, I decided to make it. And let me just say Dracula’s chicken hendl is the perfect heartwarming dish for a chilly October night.

Dracula's Chicken Hendl

This dish was super easy to make. The recipe said to brown the chicken first.

Dracula's Chicken Hendl

Then you added onions, butter, flour and paprika. It said to soften the onions and toast the spices. After that the chicken went back into the pot and then you bring it to a boil. It said to simmer for thirty minutes but my chicken and onions were done way before then. The sauce had also thickened to a consistency I liked. I think I ended pulling it off after the twenty-minute mark.

Dracula's Chicken Hendl

Then after it comes off the stove you put a cup of sour cream in to give it a creamy consistency. And while the recipe didn’t call for it, I added some garlic powder in just to give it a little extra flavor. I put garlic powder in everything so it’s mostly just a habit now.

I served Dracula’s chicken hendl with rice and broccoli, and this meal was a total hit with my husband. I’ll definitely be making it again.

Here’s the recipe I used.

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