A Bookish Christmas Gift Guide

If you’ve stumbled across this post, I assume you love books or one of your loved ones loves books. And sometimes buying gifts for book lovers can be challenging. The obvious answer would be to buy them a book. But there are thousands of genres and sub-genres out there, and if you don’t know their reading taste, shopping for a book might feel like falling down a rabbit hole. While a gift card is always a good idea sometimes you just want to give them something a little something different. And that’s what my bookish Christmas gift guide is for, so let’s dive in.

A Big Blanket

I’m not just talking about any big blanket. I’m talking about a 10’x10′ blanket from The Big Blanket Company. My husband gave me one for Christmas and it’s literally the coziest thing ever. Is it a little over the top? Probably. But let me tell you, there is nothing better than reading under that blanket on a cold, rainy day.

A Book Holder

This book holder is the best. I read a lot of chunky books, and this saves my wrists from a ton of pain. It’s also awesome for reading outside because the pages don’t fly away.

A Christmas Ornament

A bookish Christmas ornament is a great way to add some personality to a Christmas tree. I love seeing mine displayed.You can find a ton of cute ones on Etsy. And if your loved one is a Cosmere fan Brandon Sanderson has released a limited-edition ornament and all the proceeds go to charity.

A Bookish T-Shirt

Lastly, never underestimate a bookish t-shirt. They can bring so much joy to a reader. You can choose to go with fandom merch, a bookish quote, or even a shirt from their favorite independent bookstore. Really the options are endless.

So those are just a few options for your book lover. If nothing seems to fit, be sure to check out my other bookish Christmas gift guide for more suggestions.

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