My Favorite Cosmere Characters (so far)

This year I made it a goal to read through Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere. And one of the things that I love about Sanderson’s writing is his character development. All of his characters are fully fleshed out and have their own distinct personalities. So, I wanted to take a second and share a few of my favorite Cosmere characters. Now keep in mind when I’m writing this I’ve only completed Mistborn Era 1 and Elantris. I’m working my way through The Stormlight Archives. I’m just about finished with Words of Radiance. So, I know my thoughts on these characters will probably change with the series, but please don’t spoil anything. These are my favorites so far.


Art by Michael Whelan

I adore Shallan! She is so witty. I love her fascination with the natural world because it gives an interesting perspective to the world building. I’ve loved her storyline from the very beginning. And I love the fact that as the story goes along, she has developed into a force to be reckoned with. I’m not sure about her current love interest though.


Art by Miranda Meeks

Oh, Kelsier. This one hurts my heart a little. I loved Kelsier. And I loved the crew that he put together. He was so kind to Vin. But he definitely had his flaws. He was a little frustrating if I’m being honest. But overall, Mistborn wouldn’t have been Mistborn without Kelsier.


Art by Exmakina

Kaladin has had such a rough storyline so far. He’s been through so much in just the first two books. I also love the ambiguity of his character. In his core he is a kind, selfless person, but he’s currently at a crossroads where he could become hateful. He’s been hurt so many times that he’s just shutting down. I’m interested to see which way he goes.


Art by Shuravf

Roaden is a character in Elantris, which is a standalone. So, I didn’t get as much time with him as other characters, but I still really liked him. He was in a crappy situation, but he made the best of it. He was a natural leader and that created a change in not only his world, but the government as well.


Art by Shuravf

You would have to be an “airsick lowlander” to not like Numuhukumakiaki’aialunamor. He’s also lovingly known as Rock. I just love everything about him. I hope he continues to become an even bigger part of The Stormlight Archives.

So those are a few on my favorite Cosmere characters (so far). Who is your favorite? books, toys, tech, & more.

5 thoughts on “My Favorite Cosmere Characters (so far)

  1. Kaladin is definitely my favorite Cosmere character – there’s something about his depressed and altruistic nature that I just couldn’t help but fall for, I guess 😂 But I’m a huge fan of Kelsier, too, and Vin! And I’m super intrigued by Hoid, even if I haven’t completely figured him out yet…

    Also, any companion characters – like the Spren or OreSeur – always have me smiling, too. I especially love Pattern’s sense of humor 😁

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