A Christmas Book Haul

We had an amazing Christmas. We were blessed to spend time with our loved ones and eat lots of great food. I didn’t get much time to read during the holiday rush, but thanks to my husband (and the Barnes and Noble 50% off sale) I’ll be set for a while. So, let’s get to my Christmas Book Haul.

Mistborn Era 2 Series

My husband absolutely spoiled me this Christmas. He bought me the entire Mistborn Era 2 series. I’ve already started The Alloy of Law and I’m obsessed. Returning to the world and seeing all of the references from the first Mistborn era is so much fun. I’ll probably binge read these in the next few weeks.

Storm Front

Cj also bought me Storm Front. I’ve had my eye on The Dresden Files for a while now. I think it will be a great book to pick up when I need a break from The Cosmere. I’m really, really excited to give it a read.

Edgedancer and Dawnshard

Next up. Cj bought me Edgedancer and while I was at Barnes and Noble, I found a matching copy of Dawnshard. Since it was half off, I couldn’t pass it up. These are novellas from The Stormlight Archives and they both sound really good. I’m not normally a fan of novellas, but if anyone can make me love them it would be Brandon Sanderson.

A Dowry of Blood

I’m so excited to finally add A Dowry of Blood to my shelf. This was another pick from the Barnes and Noble 50% off hardcover sale. I don’t know when I’ll get around to reading it, but I’ll have it when I’m ready. I’m in a fantasy mood right now, but I always return to horror. And I think this Dracula inspired novel is going to be perfect for me.


Lastly, I bought Oathbringer. Unfortunately, they only had a paperback copy, so I didn’t get it half off. But I definitely wanted to go ahead and have a copy on my tbr shelf. I’ve still got a way to go before I can pick this one up, but I absolutely can’t wait to get to it.

So that’s my Christmas book haul. Did you have a good Christmas?

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  1. HJFDHFH I’M IN LOVE WITH THE INTENSELY HUGE AMOUNTS OF SANDERSON IN THIS POST??? also all the books look so great I HOPE YOU LOVE THEM AND HAVE THE BEST EVER TIME READING THEM ALL!! also omg dowry of blood i’ve been wanting to read that for a while now I’M JEALOUS?? ALSO. I NEED THOUGHTS. love the photos so so much njfdhjfhj they’re stunning

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