February 2023 Reading Journal Update

When I decided to change how I do my reading journal I knew I would have to change how I do my reading journal posts. I decided I would do a monthly recap at the first of every month. So, the stuff you’ll be seeing is what I completed in January, since I haven’t finished anything in February yet. It’s a little different. But I like to share my reading journal because it keeps me accountable. If I don’t have a deadline, it just doesn’t exist in my brain lol. But let’s get to my February 2023 reading journal update.

Bookshelf Page

I’ve decided to color code every month that way I know what I completed and when I completed it. I’m using my bookshelf page purely as a numbers tracker. My handwriting is not small enough or neat enough to write in titles. I wish there was a second bookshelf page in this journal because I have a feeling this one is going to fill up pretty quickly.

Book bingo/Book of the Month

I wasn’t super excited about the book bingo when I first bought this journal, but it’s turned out to be pretty fun. The prompts are relatively easy to complete. I completed five in January.

For the book of the month page, I decided to keep track of my favorite each month. My favorite in January was Shadows of Self. I’m going to have to adjust my picture size though.

50 Books Challenge/100 Books Challenge

I just realized I only marked off nine on my 50 books challenge so I’m going to have to go back and fix that. I’m doing these challenges simultaneously.

Monthly Page

I’m still trying to figure out a way to make the monthly pages a little prettier. I didn’t anticipate the fact that ink would bleed through, so I’m basically limited to colored pencil and stickers. But I really do like the way the pages are laid out in this journal.

Reading Tracker/Reading List

I have really enjoyed using the reading tracker. It’s satisfying to see each little box filled up.

Lastly, we have the reading log. I can’t wait to see it completed at the end of the year.

So that’s my February 2023 reading journal update.

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