Manga That I Want to Read

Happy Friday! It’s going to be a fun weekend. We’re going to Kami-con on Saturday. My husband and his brother are really into anime and manga, so this is a trip for them. But I’m looking forward to it too. I’ve been dipping my toes into the manga genre recently, and so in celebration of Kami-con let’s talk about the manga that I want to read.

Witch Hat Atelier

I started Witch Hat Atelier on a whim last year. I saw it in the store and thought it seemed fun. And it was. I really want to pick up the next chapter because I’ve only heard good things about it.

The Girl from the Other Side

Honestly, I don’t know a lot about The Girl from the Other Side but look at the artwork! It’s gorgeous. Then I read the synopsis and it sounds even better. It’s described as a quiet fairytale and I’m here for it.


I’m not knew to Junji Ito so of course I had to add one of his to the list. I really want to pick up Frankenstein next. I’ve been drawn to it ever since I started reading his work, but I haven’t been able to get my hands on a copy yet. But if I don’t find it in stores soon, I’m just going to order it.

So those are a few manga that I want to read.

Do you have a favorite manga? Drop some suggestions in the comments.

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7 thoughts on “Manga That I Want to Read

  1. I really loved Girl from the Other Side! Frankenstein was good although it doesn’t get as weird as some of Junji Ito’s work

  2. don’t want to overhype or anything, but the further along into Witch Hat you go, it just gets better & better!! 🤭💘 I think I dropped girl from the other side because I only had a couple volumes, but my library has them so maybe I’ll try to pick it up again. The artwork always captured my attention & it’s so beautiful!

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