June 2023 Reading Journal Update

I swear these reading journal updates are coming around every time I blink. Why is this year moving so fast?? Let’s hurry and get to my June 2023 reading journal update before it’s time to do my July update.

Bookshelf Page

June 2023 Reading Journal

Welp. I’m getting closer and closer to filling this bookshelf up. I hope to finish it up this month actually. I hate that it’s not going to last the rest of the year though.

Book Bingo/Book of the Month

June 2023 Reading Journal

I added a couple more spots to my Book Bingo page. I’ve read 41 books so far so I was able mark off the “Read more than 40 books in a year” spot. I also marked off “Cancelled plans to stay in and read.” I was technically sick for that one, but I counted it. And then I finished a book in a day and read outside.

And my Book of the Month this month was Rhythm of War. It was so satisfying to finally catch up on The Stormlight Archives.

Book Challenges

June 2023 Reading Journal

I’m making my way through my reading challenges. I feel like I’ve got a decent start.

Monthly Pages

I’ve wrapped up my May monthly page and started on my June page. I chose Spanish orange for my color this month.

Reading Tracker

I just really love this reading tracker. I did good reading in May the only day that I didn’t read I was sick.

Reading List

Lastly, we have my ever growing reading list.

So that’s it for my June 2023 reading journal update.

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