2023 Midyear Wrap Up

I don’t know how we’re here, but I suppose it’s time to do my 2023 Midyear wrap up. Let’s get to it.

Number Read

I’ve read 53/100 so far. I feel really confident that I will be able to make this goal. I was nervous at the first of the year because this is the biggest number goal that I’ve ever set for myself. But it’s so satisfying to check each new book off. I blame it on the Capricorn in me.

Favorite So Far

Shadows of Self has been my favorite book so far. I just really enjoyed returning to the Mistborn world for a new story, but the old elements that I loved showed up in this book too.

Least Favorite So Far

Goth really disappointed me. There were some scary parts, but mostly the characters acted in unusual ways. That drove me crazy.

Books to Read Before the End of the Year

Most of these have been on my shelf quite a while. I need to get to them this year.

Goals Moving Forward

  • Complete my Goodreads goal-I want to finish out the year strong and finish my 100 books goal.
  • Reduce physical tbr size– I have a bunch of books that I haven’t read, and that stresses me out. I need to read them or get rid of them. I would like to have it cleared out before the end of the year.

So that’s my 2023 midyear wrap up. How’s your year been so far? And what’s your favorite book of the year? I’d love to know!

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6 thoughts on “2023 Midyear Wrap Up

  1. I really need to get back and read the rest of the mist born books. Well done on reading more than half your target number of books

  2. I’m not the best at sticking with tbr’s but I’d love to get through a lot of fantasy before the end of the year! Legendborn is at the top of my list 🥰

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