My Not a TBR August 2023 TBR

August 2023 tbr

Normally it would be time for my August 2023 TBR. And I’ve had an awesome reading year so far, but I’ve hit a momentary slump. I ended up only reading four books in July. It’s not that I don’t want to read. I just haven’t found the right book. I’ve jumped around from several different ones, but nothing on my shelf caught my interest.

Because of that I went a little crazy when we visited a couple of bookstores on vacation. I picked up anything thing that remotely caught my attention. I’ve always heard never go grocery shopping when you’re hungry, but apparently you shouldn’t go book shopping when you’re in a slump either.

Since I have a bunch of new books to explore, I’m just going to mood read this month. I’m a mood reader by nature and I think that will help me fall back into my reading groove. Most of the time I really enjoy making a tbr but I wouldn’t even know where to begin this month. I do know that I would like to read eight books to get back on track. I’ve done that easily the past few months. This month though it seems a little daunting. Here’s to hoping that I come out of this slump because I really do miss reading.

What do you have on your August 2023 tbr?

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