September 2023 Reading Journal Update

It’s reading journal update time. Let’s get to my September 2023 reading journal.

Bookshelf Page

I finished this shelf in June so there’s been no change. But my color for the month of September is goldenrod. It just felt right.

Book Challenge Page

My 100-page challenge is slowly filling up. I added nine books in the month of August.

Book Bingo/Book of the Month

I colored in one prompt for my book bingo. I read Fourth Wing, and I considered that a romance, so I marked it off the list. I’ve got to get busy marking these off.

My book of the month this month was Fourth Wing. I really enjoyed it.

Monthly Pages

Here’s my August page. It’s filled out a lot more than my July page. I noticed this morning that these pages just happen to be the color of my favorite college football team. War Eagle!

Here’s my September page. I can’t believe that this year is coming to an end. I’m in denial tbh.

Reading Tracker/Reading List

My reading tracker is coming along nicely. But as I type this I noticed that I’ve filled in day 31 for month that don’t have 31 days. Oh well. I guess I’m going to look like an overachiever hahaha.

And lastly, we have my reading list. I’m getting close to finishing out page three.

So that’s my September 2023 reading journal update. As October is getting closer, I keep thinking about my journal for next year. That’s usually when I buy mine. I have enjoyed this journal, but I would like something that works a bit better for me. The pages on this one are thin so I can’t decorate it as much as I wanted. So, if you have any reading journal recommendations let me know in the comments.

BAM! Books-A-Million

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5 thoughts on “September 2023 Reading Journal Update

  1. I’ve been working on my journal & love seeing others for inspiration! The way you track your stats is so neat & organized (i’m the complete opposite 😅). I know exactly what you mean about the journal fitting more your style, I actually create my own from a blank one to fit what I want to keep track of (I can show you pages if you’d like!), happy journaling! 📚📝🎉

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