October 2023 Reading Journal Update

Hi. It’s Tuesday. I had intentions of posting yesterday, but we went to The Jonas Brothers concert in Atlanta on Sunday, and I was wiped out yesterday. The concert was absolutely amazing and I’m still floating from the excitement. But now it’s time to get to my October 2023 reading journal update.

Book Bingo/Book of the Month

I only marked off one spot on my book bingo. I read with a flashlight when we went on our camping trip.

Book Challenge Pages

I added nine books to my 100-book challenge in September.

Monthly Pages

I wish I could decorate these pages a bit more without bleed through, but I did add a few small decorations to my October page. I decided to use orange and black for my October page.

Reading Tracker/Reading List

My reading tracker is coming along nicely.

I’m so ready to switch to my new tracker. This one has been ok, but there are a few pages that aren’t consistent, and the reading list is one of them. The format changed and that stresses me out a little, hahaha.

So that’s my October 2023 reading journal update. We only have two more months to finish up this year and that’s crazy to think about.

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