An Upcycled Halloween Craft

If you’ve been on the internet lately you’ve probably seen this idea. It’s nothing new but it’s a ton of fun! Let’s talk about a quick and easy upcycled Halloween craft that will add a unique touch to your decorations.

The first step of this craft is to find a painting that you want to modify. You can use one from your home, or you can go to a local thrift store. That’s what I did, and they had a ton to choose from. I started with a small painting because I wasn’t sure how it would turn out.

Next, I removed the picture and the matting from the frame. I gathered my supplies and I got to work, I traced out what I wanted to add and filled everything in with acrylic paint.

You can add as many fall touches as you want. It’s your painting so make it what you want. I started with just the ghosts and the pumpkins, but I thought it needed a bit more fall pizzazz, so I painted orange leaves throughout as well.

And here’s the finished product. I decided to paint the matting a different color as well. I think the green really pulls together all of the fall colors. I considered painting the frame as well, but I really liked the gold and the green. It helped keep that vintage feeling. I’m just so excited with the results. This is absolutely one of my favorite decorations and I want to make another upcycled Halloween craft in the future.

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