Now that we’re inching closer and closer to the holidays, I just wanted to bring back to the discussion. I’ve talked about them before, but I figured now was a perfect time to bring them back up. is an online bookstore that helps support a physical independent bookstore of your choice. It’s a […]

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The Turn of the Screw Review

I was really excited to pick up The Turn of the Screw because the synopsis reminded me of one of my favorites, Jane Eyre. But I ended up being quite disappointed in it. So, let’s chat about it. A young governess finds herself at Bly Manor where she takes charge over two hauntingly beautiful children. […]

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Such Sharp Teeth Review

Such Sharp Teeth is giving me some mixed feelings. I picked it up because I absolutely loved Cackle by the same author. While I enjoyed parts of Such Sharp Teeth it just missed a few things for me. So, let’s get to it. When Rory Morris moves back to her hometown she’s not thrilled. The […]

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Dracul Review

I just finished Dracul last night and I’m still processing my thoughts on it. So, let’s just jump into this review and see if something comprehensible comes from it. In 1868, Bram Stoker waits in a desolate tower to face Dracul. He prays that he survives this night, but at the same time he is […]

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Dracula Review

Like I mentioned in my post yesterday, I’ve been on the hunt for vampire novels. So, it only makes sense that I read Dracula. I will admit that I’ve tried it a couple of times in the past and gave up on it. But this time the story stuck with me, and I loved it. […]

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Moral Fibre Blog Tour

Synopsis: Riding the icy, moonlit sky—They took the war to Hitler.Their chances of survival were less than fifty percent.Their average age was 21.This is the story of just one bomber pilot, his crew, and the woman he loved. It is intended as a tribute to them all. Flying Officer Kit Moran has earned his pilot’s […]

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Murder in Myrtle Bay Blog Tour

I’m so excited to be participating in the blog tour for Murder in Myrtle Bay. So, let’s get into my review. When writer Ruth Finlay, and her friend Doris, visit an antique shop they never imagined that they would get wrapped up in a murder investigation. The victim, David, had plenty of people that might […]

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What Moves the Dead Review

T. Kingfisher is a new to me author, but I’ve heard amazing things about her. I had wanted to try her work anyhow. And then when I heard she was coming out with a The Fall of the House of Usher retelling I knew I wanted to give it a go. Let’s get into my […]

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The Lighthouse Witches Review

I ordered The Lighthouse Witches a while back, and I’m just now getting to it. It was time for something spooky. Let’s get to the review. Two sisters go missing on a remote Scottish Island. One is found twenty years later, and she hasn’t aged a day. The locals tried to warn Liv about the […]

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Anti Book Haul

I buy a lot of books. But right now, we’re remodeling so I’m trying not to buy as many. So today let’s do an anti book haul. I love watching these on YouTube and thought it might be fun to do one myself. These are a few popular books that I have no interest in […]

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