Archer and Olive Bullet Journal Unboxing

The end of the year is sneaking up on us. Usually, by now I have my bullet journal planned and ready, but this year I’m winging it. I didn’t think I was going to go back with an Archer and Olive journal, but when it came time to make the decision that’s what I did. I trust their quality and the thick pages gives a wide variety of mediums to use. So let’s unbox my new Archer and Olive bullet journal.

The Packaging

archer and olive unboxing

Archer and Olive always nail their packaging. It feels so luxurious. It’s like I’ve bought myself a really nice present, which I sort of did. It’s always a pleasure to open.

The Bullet Journal

archer and olive unboxing

I have wanted this journal for so long. I’ve loved it since I saw it, but it was always out of stock. But I finally got my hands on it on Black Friday, and at half price. It’s so stunning in person. All of those little stars just sparkle like crazy. And I love the material. It almost feels like denim. It feels really sturdy.

The Pages

archer and olive unboxing

And, as always, the pages are so durable. They are bright white with a perfectly spaced grid. It’s everything I need in a bullet journal.

So that is my new Archer and Olive bullet journal. I’m so excited to get started using it. Have you started your 2022 journal yet?

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