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One of my goals for 2022 was to start using StoryGraph. I’ve used GoodReads in the past and it has its benefits, but I have noticed that the app just doesn’t perform all that well. After hearing people rave about StoryGraph I decided to give it a try. So let’s get into my thoughts.


One of my main issues with GoodReads is the performance of the app, specifically. In my experience it’s not always reliable. But in the time that I’ve used StoryGraph it has been completely reliable. It’s quick to load, consistent, and user friendly.


I’m shocked by the number of things that StoryGraph keeps track of. There are plenty of stats to keep my analytical little heart happy. It keeps track of the number of books you’ve read, your page count, the mood of the books you read, the pace, the format, and your average star rating. I love seeing that in one place. Plus, you can access that information anytime you’d like.


StoryGraph doesn’t have as big of a community as GoodReads. It’s a little bit harder to connect with other readers. I don’t necessarily consider that a problem. I love the stats that StoryGraph offers, and I can connect with the reading community through Instagram, blogging, Youtube, etc. But that is something you might want to consider before using StoryGraph.

Those are some of the main points that have stood out in the time that I’ve used StoryGraph. So far, my experience has been a positive one. If you love to keep track of your reading stats, I really recommend giving it a try.

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  1. I agree! I’ve been loving storygraph just for the stat features! I don’t really like the community feature as much as goodreads but it really makes me want to read more just so I can track everything! 😀

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