The Great Gatsby Review

I read The Great Gatsby in high school, and I enjoyed it. But that’s been a while ago, so I decided it was time for a reread. Surprisingly enough my thoughts are still similar to the thoughts I had in high school. Let’s get to it.

When Nick Carraway moves to West Egg, he becomes friends with his lavishly wealthy neighbor, Jay Gatsby. Jay seems to have everything he wants other than his lost love, Daisy Buchanan. When Gatsby learns that she is Nick’s cousin he asks Nick to set up a time for them to meet. Their affair will turn the whole neighborhood upside down.

My Thoughts on The Great Gatsby

So my opinion on The Great Gatsby is simple. Gatsby deserved better. And I feel bad that Nick was stuck in the middle of everything. My thoughts on Daisy are a little more complicated though. I feel bad for her because her husband is cheating on her. But then she cheated on him. Her husband also doesn’t seem to a great person. But then at the end Daisy comes off as entitled and selfish. I think it was a bad situation all around.

So, now that I’ve told my opinions let’s get to the technical stuff. Overall, the story is well written. It’s a classic for a reason. But I do wish the characters were a little more developed. Especially Nick and Gatsby. Nick was the narrator, but I would have loved for him to have a little more personality. But more importantly I would have loved to know more about Gatsby. He could have been such an interesting character with just a little more development.

My Rating: 4/5

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