Elantris Review

I think I’m finally coming out of my reading slump, and I want fantasy. So, I decided to pick up Elantris, and I’m so glad I did. I wasn’t super excited about it because I’m ready to start the Stormlight Archives, but I ended up really enjoying it. It’s probably the best book I’ve read all year.

Elantris was once a beautiful city full of magic. But ten years ago, everything changed. Elantrian’s lost their magic and developed a terrible disease. And the city crumbled with them. In the shadows of Elantris sits the new capital of Arelon, Kae. Princess Serene arrives in Kae to marry the crown prince, Raoden. But when she arrives, she finds that he has died. She’s now considered a widow in a foreign land. But she decides to use her political skills to help her new home. All the while the man that was supposed to be her husband is exiled in the city of Elantris.

My Thoughts on Elantris

Elantris was fantastic. The summary doesn’t even begin to describe the depth of this book. There are so many plotlines happening, but they’re all equally important. I really enjoyed Raoden’s plotline. His point of view from Elantris was intriguing. I loved the gritty atmosphere and the history of the lost city. That was probably my favorite part of the entire story.

Another thing I really enjoyed was how Raoden and Serene’s plotlines mirrored each other. Raoden was trying to improve Elantris while Serene was trying to improve Arelon. Their compatibility was obvious even though they were separate.

But of course, everything couldn’t be smooth sailing. There had to be a conflict that needed to be resolved. And that’s where Hrathren comes in. He was given orders to convert Arelon to his religion, and he tries his best to complete his task. I love Brandon Sanderson’s villains. They are complex and fully developed. He writes them in such a relatable way. Plus, he’s the master of a morally gray character.

Elantris was so good. I really enjoyed my time reading it. The pacing was a little slow, but there was enough intrigue to keep it interesting.

My Rating: 5/5


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  1. I thought I had read this as I’ve read pretty much everything Sanderson has written. However, recent posts about it make me think that I haven’t as I don’t recognise any of the elements. I’ve now gone out and bought a copy so it’s sitting waiting for the Easter holidays when I will definitely read it.

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