The Last House on Needless Street Review

The Last House on Needless Street

I didn’t know a lot about The Last House on Needless Street when I went into it. I just knew that most people that read it loved it. And I think that’s the best way to go into this one. So, my review is going to be vague, but I loved this one. I think it could be a favorite of the year.

At the end of Needless Street sits an unassuming house. That’s where our story begins. A story about a serial killer, a kidnapped little girl, and a bible loving cat. You think you know what this story is about, but you would be wrong. The unexpected happens at the last house on Needless Street.

My Thoughts

This book is trippy. I never knew which direction it was headed. And just when I thought I’d figured it out I would be blind-sided by the truth. All of the plot twists were done in such an organic way, because it had an unreliable narrator. Ted was hiding information from the audience, but he didn’t realize he was doing it. So, when he discovered new information, it was then revealed to the reader. This was a perfectly executed psychological thriller. I absolutely loved it.

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