Amy’s Tea Book Tag

I found this tag over on The Book Nut’s page. It was originally created on To Think of Books on Youtube. I figured it was a perfect tag for me. So, let’s get to Amy’s Tea Book Tag. DOUBLE BERGAMOT EARL GREY: A ROBUST, DEEP, INTELLECTUAL, AND FLAVOURFUL BOOK Babel. If you strip down the […]

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Christine Review

Since I’ve been in a horror mood, I decided it was time to pick up a Stephen King novel. After all, he is a master of the genre. So, I decided to pull Christine off my shelf. It’s been on there since 2015. It was time to finally read it, and I’m glad that I […]

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2023 Midyear Wrap Up

I don’t know how we’re here, but I suppose it’s time to do my 2023 Midyear wrap up. Let’s get to it. Number Read I’ve read 53/100 so far. I feel really confident that I will be able to make this goal. I was nervous at the first of the year because this is the […]

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June 2023 Wrap Up

I’m doing my June wrap up a bit early, because believe it or not, it’s time to do a mid-year wrap up. So that’s coming tomorrow. But today let’s do my June 2023 Wrap Up. The Year of the Witching Synopsis: In the lands of Bethel, where the Prophet’s word is law, Immanuelle Moore’s very […]

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Goth Review

I bought Goth on a whim in my last haul. I really looked forward to it, but it ended up not working out. Let’s talk about it. Synopsis “Morino is the strangest girl in school–how could she not be, given her obsession with brutal murders? And there are plenty of murders to grow obsessed with […]

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Little Girls Review

I’m continuing my spooky girl summer with Little Girls by Ronald Malfi. Malfi came highly recommended on Instagram, so I figured it was time to give his work a try. Let’s get into my thoughts. Synopsis After years away, Laurie returns to the home where she was raised by a cold, distant father who recently […]

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A Summertime Unhaul

I’m officially out of room on my tbr shelf. It’s time for summertime unhaul. It’s getting hard to clear down my shelf. A lot of these books were books I expected to love at one time. Some of them I’ve dnfed and just held onto hoping that they would stick someday. And some of them […]

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A Small Book Haul

I’ve got to stop buying books. I’ve said that in pretty much all of my last book hauls. But yet I’ve bought more books, and now I’m going to tell on myself to the entire internet. In my defense, this is a small book haul. Let’s get to it. Little Girls I’ve heard a lot […]

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